Social Media Internship Presentation Notes

Click for a PDF of presentation handout

Social Media Internship


14 thoughts on “Social Media Internship Presentation Notes

  1. I thought the internship idea was great. I’m sure there are plenty of students on campus that would love an on campus internship. I liked how you presented the idea as benefiting both colleges and the student body as a whole. I thought all of your points were valid and made for a good proposal. You all looked sharp too. Nice Job!

    • Where can I sign up?! Very good job guys. I’m sure there are current students and future students looking for internships to help with their education. Very well presented and made it easy to understand what your team was looking for. Nice Job!

  2. The idea of this internship is awesome! I like how this internship involves two of Utah State University’s major colleges. I feel that the job description for this internship is intriguing and exciting as it is something most college-aged students are good at. The group did a wonderful job presenting as your eye contact and tone were great! Overall, I believe this internship could make a difference within the two colleges involved and could have lasting advantages.

  3. You did a wonderful job on your presentation. Everything seemed to be very clearly articulated. Your presentation was very polished and well-rehearsed. It was a strong presentation. Great job!
    The only thing that I was a little confused about was what the first page of the handout was for. Taking a second look at it, I am guessing there are lines for us to take notes. Unfortunately, I was not able to understand that at my first glance. You did a wonderful job referring to the handout, but the first page was not mentioned, so I wasn’t sure what the purpose was. However, that may have just been me.
    Like I said, wonderful job!

  4. Very professional presentation, well done. I think you all should present this to the Business school and the College of the arts. I questioned this proposal when I first saw it but the presentation convinced me that it was a great idea. I think that the Caine College of the Arts would benefit from having an intern from the Business school. Someone with the marketing training would really expand the reach of current marketing strategies.

  5. I thought your team gave a great presentation. I felt it was thorough an that everyone did their part. The team gave good transitions. To be honest, I was not too focused on the context of the presentation as much as I was focusing on how you presented. I think it was a good idea to have notecards to be safe.

  6. Great job on your presentation of your proposal. I think all of you were very thoughtful of the details which made a very smooth presentation of proposing an intern. I can’t say I want that social media intern job, but you really made the school of business and arts feel like there was a real demand for it because you were able to show statistical proof of it.

    You could also tell that you had rehearsed this presentation where everybody was concise and clear with what they were covering. The transitions were great and like I said before the you were mindful of almost every detail.

  7. Initially I had a lot of doubts about your proposal considering all the layers of bureaucracy you would have to go through being it a for credit job, from HSoB working in CCoA but I was swayed. Using the business school as a partner benefits everyone and it looks like a very plausible idea.

    Nicely done.

  8. It’s always a good sign when you actually have the business school asking you if what your presenting is really going to happen. It seems your idea would benefit more than just the students, but the faculty were excited as well! Great job on your slides, and I was also very impressed you guys took the time to convey real surveys for the information on your handout. Great job.

  9. This idea is brilliant. I have had trouble finding internship opportunities that get students credit but also a way to give back to their school. I think you guys did such a great job organizing your presentation. Your handouts could be reused and create a database of information. Great job and keep up the good work because I would love to see this happen.

  10. I absolutely loved this presentation. It was well rehearsed, and very professional. I like that you chose something local. My interest was kept throughout the entire presentation, and I felt like I was in a board room, intrigued by your proposal. I noticed each individual in the group had a specific part, they expressed it with passion, and gave us insight into what this internship will bring to the University. If this is implemented I think it will have a real life impact on Utah States academics, and diversity. I hope to see this internship happening in the next few years because of your teams idea, and inspiration.

  11. This presentation was one of the best. You guys were really professional and had a lot of information to give us. The whole idea of your proposal is awesome. It really connects well with all of us as students here at Utah State and that really helped with your presentation.

  12. THIS WAS AN OUTSTANDING PRESENTATION! The opening was really intense and kept me interested for the remainder of the presentation. It was a great internship to actually present to the board. I hope you guys think about doing that. There might be some hoops standing in your way in regards to making this a creditable, real life internship.
    You all new your parts well and I am impressed with your professionalism. Thank you, I will take away a great learning experience from this group in regards to teamwork.

  13. What a great Idea!! A position like this on campus would be so beneficial to our students and would be heavily sought after! Honestly I never know what is going on around campus, especially in the arts! I hope that something like this really happens!!

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